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This marks a new departure for archaeologists and how they investigate the past."Martin Papworth, of the National Trust, said: “The Hidden Landscapes project is providing cutting edge archaeological survey work that will greatly enhance understanding and improve conservation management for the National Trust on its Stonehenge Estate.”Dr Christopher Gaffney, of the University of Bradford, comments: “The strategy that we are implementing within this project has provided a first glimpse of new and important information regarding the hidden past at Stonehenge.We aim to cover large areas around Stonehenge and we expect this to be the first of many significant discoveries.”Dr Amanda Chadburn, Stonehenge archaeologist at English Heritage, said: "This new monument is part of a growing body of evidence which shows how important the summer and winter solstices were to the ancient peoples who built Stonehenge.The analysis found 71 new axehead carvings, increasing the number known at Stonehenge to 115.The design of the axeheads belong to a specific period in the Early Bronze Age around 1750-1500BC.

The project, which is supported by the landowner, the National Trust, and facilitated by English Heritage, has brought together the most sophisticated geophysics team ever to be engaged in a single archaeological project in Britain.

This is around a 1000 years after the big sarsen stone circle was erected.

Contrary to press reports, Stonehenge was not a huge art gallery - these carvings are found only on four stones.

Evidence for a second stone circle was found close to the River Avon, linked to Stonehenge itself by the Stonehenge Avenue.

The circle is just under 10m in diameter and was surrounded by a henge – a ditch with an external bank – with an entrance to the east.

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Six stoneholes (A-F) were found in the northeast quadrant and three (I-K) were found in the western trench.

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