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Labia minora elongation is one of the vaginal practices that some Zimbabwean women engage in during the pre-menarche age.

The motivations to engage in vaginal practices are diverse and range from beautifying the genitals, improving hygiene and personal grooming, medicinal practices and health, and preparing for sexual intercourse.22 January 2018 Postal Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) director-general has no problem licencing other mobile telephone operators if the government okays it, a senior Potraz... Christmas drama at Banket THERE was drama at Banket Growth Point when a married man was humiliated over bedding a mentally challenged woman on Christmas Day. 22 January 2018 THE STATE has altered from culpable homicide charges to murder against a Harare man who was facing culpable homicide charges in a hit-and-run accident that claimed the life of businessman... O objetivo deste estudo é analisar os conhecimentos, as atitudes e as perceções de homens zimbabueanos residentes em meios urbanos relativamente ao alongamento dos pequenos lábios.Esta análise tem por base um estudo qualitativo realizado em Chitungwiza, Harare, em 2012. Foram recolhidos dados sobre a percepção dos homens acerca do procedimento, as motivações, a sua relevância para o casamento e para a vida sexual, e as suas implicações em termos de saúde.

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"We have a landmark ruling in this country which states that nobody should be married or be married off when they are below the age of 18," Senator representing people with disabilities, Anna Shiri, had said earlier.

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