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A sketch for the mural had been approved by a student committee as well as Ashland's principal, Jeff Schlecht, although he asked for a larger snitch.

The Incident: Within hours of the four-panel mural being put in place overlooking the quad, principal Schlecht ordered the panel which contained the image of Harry/Adam to be taken down.

The girl ignored the Good Samaritan's efforts to get her to stop, said Lt. When a trooper arrived, the girl remained uncooperative and continued wandering along an unlit stretch of highway, Hastings said.

The trooper was "worried about hallucinogenic impairment," when the girl ran out into traffic lanes, he said.

“You can just tell you’re not dealing with a regular person who’s either on drugs or anything else,” Hampson told KDRV-TV 12.

“Physically (she) does not look like an average 11-year-old.

*Bria Phillips June 2009 - Based in Portland Oregon.

*Thomas Foreman (4x) July 2010 and May 2011 - Based in Eugene, Oregon. *Three asian women for a test - Test shoot in Korea.

MM#121489 - Stylists: *Ty-Ron Mayes, twice - Udo Spreitzenbarth, and IMTA. *Three asian women for for a job - Muine magazine Korea.

After two warnings, the trooper used her taser to bring the girl down, Hastings added. Once she was identified, it was determined the girl had wandered about a mile from her home. Hastings said her age was unclear during the incident.

The trooper reported thinking the girl was in her late teens or early 20s.

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