Benefits consolidating bank accounts

Start by making a list of all your jobs, retirement accounts, other investment and bank accounts, and insurance policies, going back as far as you can remember.Start with what you receive now – the monthly reports from your bank or broker, any mail or email you get from current or past employers and tax records for the last few years.At FB Financial Services, our LPLInsurance products offered through LPL Financial or its licensed affiliates.Fremont Bank and FB Financial Services, a Division of Fremont Bank are not registered broker/dealers and are not affiliated with LPL Financial.That's why we created this tutorial, to list the steps that will help secure your future.Inventory Your Online and Paper Files The first step is to take stock of what you know you have and search for anything you can't locate or could have forgotten.At 1st Source, our mission is to help our clients achieve security, build wealth and realize their dreams.We do this by providing straight talk and sound advice and always keeping their best interests in mind. These same principles have set our standard for providing outstanding client service for more than 150 years.

If you think there's the slightest chance, it's worth feeding in your name and seeing what pops up. Of course, that company may no longer exist due to merger, takeover or rebranding.

If all else fails, try contacting the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA).

This conglomeration of state unclaimed-asset administrators holds hundreds of millions of dollars of unclaimed assets, including uncashed checks, IRAs and retirement plans, brokerage and investment accounts, stocks, bonds and utility deposits.

Locate Lost Assets You may not remember everything you have – or find that you have lost the records over the years, especially if you've moved a lot.

Moving also means that plan custodians may no longer have your current address.

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