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Exploring these questions exposes the very nature of where pain and laughter come from in a racially divided world. DVD X517; vhs Video/C 5290 Document maintained on server: by Gary Handman, Head, Media Resources Center.

The timeliness of multiracial comedians' roles as crossracial mediators is underscored as they provide insight into controversies over how comedians express race (i.e., Michael Richards' use of the N-word, Rosie O' Donnell's slurs), and other debated meanings of race in an increasingly diverse society.

Includes documentary footage of the allied occupation between 19. This lesson considers the diversity of family forms that exist today and cultural shifts that are changing the definition of "family." You will meet the Scott-Chung family and a lesbian couple who discuss their decision to start a family. In this personal documentary she chronicles her struggle to reconcile the demands of two families, two cultures and two nations. Written in the form of a letter to her aging white grandmother, she talks about racism against African Americans by New Yorkers from Southern Italy who had experienced racism themselves. Drawn from personal experience, this film is an evocative and poetic drama about al and cultural disorientation.

This film focuses on interview with American soldiers, Japanese women, and their biracial children thirty years after the Allies occupied Japan. Berges also explores mainstream media constructions and stereotypical images of Asian American identity juxtaposed with Hollywood representations of Asians and interviews with his Japanese American grandmother on her internment camp experiences. Video/C 3826 The traditional or nuclear family of the 1950s and 1960s is what most of us think of when asked to define "family." But the idea that there is a typical family is perhaps little more than a myth. DVD 4811 A personal and political film about the filmmaker's experiences being adopted from South Korea at the age of nine and raised by an American Caucasian family. DVD X2958 A young woman whose father was Italian American and mother was African American reflects on racism in her family and in her community. Video/C MM243 This film follows Kim Su Theiler who came to America as a child adoptee, as she returns to Korea looking for her birth mother. Told to keep her true identity a secret from her new American family, this 8 year old girl quickly forgot she was ever anyone else.

Presents a unique mixed race persepective on the cultural shifts of people whose families moved from Mexico to the United States during the 20th and 21st centuries addressing a wide spectrum of issues and representations. soldiers born to Vietnamese mothers during the Vietnam War. North Korea has indicated the broadcasts successfully demoralize its troops.According to the BBC, North Korea also broadcasts content, but its broadcasts are usually harder to hear and usually blast strong condemnations of Seoul and its allies. Performance artist, Dan Kwong, struggles with two strong Asian heritages, Japanese and Chinese American, while Brenda Wong Aoki uses her unique ethnic mix of four cultural heritages to intersect social circles. Video/C 3831 Portrays the stories of six interracial people, exploring issues of identity, cultural isolation, and the search for community. Video/C 4157 Marathon runner Midori Sperandeo talks personally about her biracial heritage and reflects on the phenomenon of being biracial, with interviews from a number of ethnically mixed-raced people with additional viewpoints. UCB Student film by Adrienne Aubry, Chris Azalde, Elena Carr, Jesse Ehrman. Mariko, the daughter of a Canadian mother and Japanese father, has made two marriages, one to a Japanese, the second to a Canadian Indian. Video/C 9760 Follows the filmmaker on an international journey to uncover his white American father's remarkable childhood in pre-Mao China. DVD X5003 A real life film focusing on the widening chasm between a Chinese mother, Suzane, a first generation immigrant, and her daughter, Lilly, who is eager to fit in with her Caucasian friends and rejects her mother's values. This film explores the social, political, and religious impact of the multiracial movement and the lived experience of being multiracial. It investigates the sensitive topic of color consciousness within the African American community with great tact and a clear commitment to healing divisions. Cast: Adele Pham, Adele Ray, Carmen Vankerhove, Chaz "Koba" Mc Hale. A variety of African Americans give their experiences and attitudes towards the questions of color. The Yates' household consists of the father, an African American Korean war veteran, his Korean war bride and their three grown children. This short film explores the subtle ways racism affects members of a multi-ethnic family, especially when discrimination forces a mixed-blood sibling to reject part of his ethnic heritage and "pass" as Italian in order to fit in. Video/C 6090 Examines the wretched lives of Filipina women who work as prostitutes in Olongapo City, near the U. Naval Base at Subic Bay, Philippines, and the plight of the Amer-Asian children who've been deserted by their American fathers. Examines topics such as interracial dating, ethnic fetishes, and race identity. Here American children describe their own families and explain concepts like "birth mom", "mixed race", "gay and lesbian", and "stepdad.". African and Japanese American poet and playwright, Velina Hasu Houston, lives an amalgamated existence and encourages others to take pride in all that they are. Video/C 4994 An young interracially married couple with an infant discuss adjustments in their marriage and relations with their parents. Alex, an East Indian from South Africa, and Maria, a Portuguese, have been married many years, and their children are now married. S., the interviews warmly touch upon the complexities of a family negotiating ethnic identities within an Asian American community that is constantly changing. Video/C MM298 Multiracial people are the fastest growing demographic in America, yet there is no official political recognition for mixed-race people. Directed, produced and sound recorded by Nicole Opper. The film inter-cuts intimate interviews with darker skinned African Americans, lighter skinned African Americans and inter-racial children of black and white parents. History, memory, and anecdotes on multiracial ethnicity are represented through archival images, super 8 film, verité, and interview. This film explores a caste system based on how closely skin color, hair texture and facial features conform to a European ideal. Chung explores his own identity and that of the Yates family. Video/C 8805 Silencio takes place in San Francisco, 1951, and focuses on the experience of a young Filipino-American trying to adjust to his predominantly Caucasion workplace. Video/C 7752 Confronts the viewer with images of Asian female/non-Asian male pairings in American movies and mass media. DVD X4563; Video/C 4178 The story of Vinh Dinh, son of a U. serviceman and a Vietnamese mother, who makes the journey from Vietnamese to American culture, from youth to manhood, and from false dream to harsh reality. Video/C 2350 In the context of a telephone dating service, this film examines dating relationships for men of mixed Asian/white descent and probes Asian American male sexuality in popular culture. Questions as well the filmmaker's relationship to these South Asian immigrants and to his Pakistani/Australian mixed-race heritage.. Video/C 4659 This fresh look at the changing American family breaks new ground and lets children lead the way in preventing prejudice and embracing diversity. Also explores the lives of Korean American women who came to the United States as wives of American servicemen.

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Vivid portrayal through her words and drawings and through photographs of the deprivations and humiliations of camp life, and the difficulties of readjustment at war's end. Video/C 2177 This video features the diverse viewpoints of people with multiracial Asian heritages and their personal experiences in growing up as multiracial Asian Americans. This film examines the lives of five mothers, whose circumstances are vastly different, who are raising children on their own: a widow raising a bi-racial daughter, A high school dropout raising her child, a lawyer balancing motherhood and a career, a middle-aged college student raising 3 young children, and a single woman who opted for artificial insemination to have a child. Ben, an English Canadian, and Janet, a Chinese Canadian, are just married. Takes a personal view of interracial relationships between Asian Americans and non-Asian Americans and looks at whether such choices have public and political implications. Interspersed with historical details about Chinese immigration to the U. This is a powerful story of love and hate, exile and belonging, loss of identity and return to faith." Written and directed by Safina Uberoi; produced by Penelope Mc Donald. She eventually picks up the pieces of her life, leading to inspiring results. DVD X5013 Explores the recurring and divisive issue in African American communities of skin color. Video/C 8280 Two half Vietnamese documentary filmmakers, both named Adele, weave a shared narrative of mixed Asian (hapa) experiences through interviews with 7 other mixed race subjects. The stories of these women's lives are mainly told through interviews with their children. Video/C 3817 Examines the issue of color consciousness within the black community. Video/C 8321 Documentary, exploring the experiences and attitudes of Indian and Pakistani taxi drivers in New York City. Video/C 8373 Documentary on young South Korean women who work in sex related enterprises adjacent to American military bases in South Korea.

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