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Though he was a quietly spoken, unassuming figure, his journalistic achievements were immense.

Under his guidance, the Guardian built on its reputation for thorough reporting of home news, from social policy to local government and the Health Service.

In July 2012, Neil Clark Warren came out of retirement to become chief executive officer.

Warren closed unprofitable international operations, switched advertisers, made changes to the board, Prospective members complete a proprietary questionnaire about their characteristics, beliefs, values, emotional health and skills.

As production editor, before becoming editor, he would be glued to his seat on the ‘back bench’ - the powerhouse of any newspaper – radically updating the paper between editions, improving headlines and making sure copy was accurate, easy to digest and - if appropriate - included the occasional joke. One of his most endearing (and sometimes intimidating habits) as editor was to quietly approach the desk of the writer producing the front-page ‘splash’ story, and peer over their shoulder to make sure the story was as described by the department head at the afternoon news conference.

In spite of his general shyness and personal reticence in the company of politicians and prominent figures, he would be quite happy to inject a phrase or idea into the copy of one of his senior journalists, however grand.

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