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Last Christmas, I attended midnight mass at St Thomas's Cathedral in Mumbai.Built in 1718, it is the oldest colonial building in the city, pre-dating the Raj by over a century, and is a monument to Empire.

It prohibited industrialisation and kept the vast bulk of Indians in a state of abject poverty, growing cotton or mining metals that would then be sent to the factories and mills of northern England.Despite the often callous profiteering of Empire, the modern Indian state simply would not exist without it. S., India is a nation fostered into being by Britain, and one which derives its romantic national identity from its struggle for independence.And just as Americans don't publicly admit that George Washington was an abysmal general who lost almost every battle, Indians don't explicitly recognise Britain's contribution to their country's present success.Despite the country's vast population, there were never more than 70,000 British troops in India; the running of the country required an enormous infrastructure of native troops, police and bureaucrats.As Hitler observed, Indians merely had to spit all at once and every Briton in India would have drowned.

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When they protested, saying that he had promised there would be no interference in their religious customs, Lawrence steadfastly replied that it was British religious custom to hang anyone who did such things.

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