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King's own version, released on Tapestry 11 years later, is the perfect expression of the fear that haunts, however dimly, every adult relationship – that love will flicker and die, as it does.The same audience that instinctively understood the one went on to know all too well about the other. The second part of the show stresses her earlier career, with only one number – the exultant, soaring 'Jazzman' – post-dating Tapestry.She's got the power and the rasp; she can make it move; she can make it swing; she can make it catch you there.A lot of showbiz know-how went into Tapestry along with a lot of soul, and every bit of both is out there tonight.I have no wish to slight her daughter, Louise Goffin, also a singer-songwriter, who plays a significant role in the night's events.Yet when the two duet – including on 'Where You Lead', which King, uneasy at its original woman-devotedly-following-man theme, is at pains to recast in a mother-daughter dynamic – the difference between an honest-to-god trouper, which Carole King is, and a person who sings, usually, simply because the songs are hers, could not be more apparent.

("This is what 74 looks like," says King, who was young and old when she made the record and is now old and young as she performs it.Tapestry gets that over with three songs in and keeps moving, because it's not a relationship album. It says so on the tin: "My life has been a tapestry..." Then there is the effect of time upon songs about time and of change upon songs about change. The scale varies from song to song and layer to layer; the acuteness of focus on the small moments, the great, blurry sweep of life blowing by.And now, here we are, and Carole King is 74 and singing our lives, and everybody's crying, including Carole King.Nobody so exactly represents the evolution of mainstream American pop from '60s teen bubblegum to '70s singer-songwriter introspection because nobody else ever stood at the pinnacle of both.In person and in her craft, Carole King grew up with the art form.

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I cried at 'Home Again', four songs in, and I did well to make it that far. Has any album ever achieved so fully what it set out to do as Tapestry?

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