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And so comparisons between modern marital relationships and those of an ancient near eastern culture should always be approached with caution and with attentiveness to context.

Also, as I’ve noticed before, Mark has the tendency to project.

As he has in the past, Mark essentially reduces the Song of Songs to a sex manual, instructing wives to be “visually generous” with their husbands.

Believing the poem to be about Solomon himself, Mark has to admit that the impassioned exchanges between the two lovers must have occurred “before the multiple wives and concubines ruined the love and oneness they had together.” The chapter entitled “Can we...?

The chapter on the importance of nurturing a true friendship in marriage includes some good reminders about kindness and reciprocity.

I thought Grace wrote a brave and honest chapter about sexual abuse.

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Mark also misses the point when he praises Martin Luther and his wife Katherine because “they set in motion a model for Christian faith and maturity through marriage, sex, and children, rather than through singleness and celibacy,” a position that wholly discounts the apostle Paul’s high praise for celibacy in 1 and 2 Corinthians.

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