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Based on feedback from over eleven-thousand lessons with once-a-week...Science fiction is grounded in the human experience, but explores realities that have not yet and/or never will come to pass.

After they fall in love with each other, or more accurately, with each other’s youthful avatars, they attempt to reconnect outside of their simulation which is set in San Junipero, a coastal town in California during the 1980s.

Million questions in love, about love – How to be sure, I am in love? The writer will describe what is karomahan according to data of observation and interview.

Based on this data, the researcher will analyze and identify scientifically... Every golfer knows the effortless feeling of a perfect shot. This book will help you discover the formula for re-creating those shots.

The movie follows Joel’s procedure as it takes effect which entails reliving the very memories—happy and sad—that he is erasing.

This narrative device transforms a movie about their breakup into a movie about their love and Joel’s journey to rediscover what they meant to each other.

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This shared trauma binds them together in a connection unlike anyone else’s.

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